Once upon a time, Erde was a noble and great land, heralded for its grand heroes, unrivaled knowledge, and powerful magics. 

No longer.  Erde is not a peaceful land.  Wracked by centuries of long civil war, conquest, greed, and unrest, the land is finally broken.  Little is known of exactly how it started, or who, or why- but the results are clearly evident.  Famine, mercenary bands, plague, and ruined fortresses freckle the landscape.  Towns rise and fall at the whim of the gods, or men who style themselves as such.  Cults spring up, proselytizing new gods, secret guilds infiltrate common life with sinister goals.

Fractured as its people are, fighting for survival, one thing is agreed upon.  Magic is to blame, and cannot be trusted.  Ever.




4.0 core rules (ie, no Dungeon Mag rules) + house rules

House Rules:  Everyone is ostensibly "human."  That being said, if you want to play an elf, play an elf- tall, lanky, agile, haughty- but still human.  Same rules as an elf, just "human."  Expect to see all races well represented as NPCs, but not quite so blatantly (pointy ears,enlarged canines, etc)

Arcane is present on a small scale, if you want to play an arcane character, simply talk to me for some suggestions.  A classic sorcerer or wizard will find themselves on the wrong end of an angry mob quickly.

Primal characters face a similar prejudice, but often have an easier time negotiating "disguises."


Character Creation:  Normal rules.  When "purchasing" starting equipment, remember the land is poor.  There was no swords vendor to just grab a blade from, so please have a bit of a background.  I don't care if you looted it off a bandit, found it in a ruin, or had it entrusted to you by your dying father, its what you have!

Please keep in mind that this world is broken and poor.  There are no great courts, no schools (of magic or otherwise), no bustling metropolises.  Kindly remember this when developing a back story and character concept.

The Displaced